Specialists in Aquarium and Pond design, installation, cleaning and maintenance in Kent.

About Us

Welcome to 1st Call Aquatics


We are a dedicated team who have a combined experience of over 20 years in the aquatic retail sector and we have all been involved with Aquariums and Ponds for much, much longer.

We pride ourselves in providing top quality, consistent and reliable services to help maintain and care for your aquatic pets and their habitat.

A customers very well cared for and maintained modern reef aquarium.


Our passion for all things aquatic started early for us all. From humble beginnings and a 2ft x 1ft x 1ft tropical fish aquarium in the bedroom (with the first few neon tetras), up to large cichlid and even larger marine reef aquariums and eventually to our first ponds when we purchased our first houses. The aquatic hobby has completely captivated us and drives us forward to explore and learn the latest in technology and methodology. Together with our  experience working in the aquatic retail sector, we fully appreciate the needs of our customers. Whether you are seeking advice for your first aquarium, where keeping a live animal in a glass aquarium quite probably seems a little daunting, we understand and can offer the guidance to allow you to not just keep your new pets alive but for them to thrive and you to enjoy the whole experience.

An early soft coral mixed reef aquarium.